A real, human receptionist with the remote perks.

You want a live person to greet your visitors and deliver an incredible customer experience. However, staffing a receptionist for 9 to 5 work hours means a lot of paid time not put to use. That's where our virtual receptionist services come in. With SwellForce, you get a live receptionist on a tablet screen welcoming your visitors, providing important information and coordinating their arrival with you. This is an upgrade for vital reasons.

  • Dollars saved

    Rather than have a receptionist there all day when there are only a few appointments, you can have an on-demand receptionist. You still get the service you need, with fewer hours and lower costs.

  • Unique experience

    You'll be surprised how much this setup delights visitors. They are intrigued and engage with your remote receptionist, asking questions like, "Where are you?!" "How does this work?!"

  • Back up ready

    Never worry about your receptionist calling out sick or missing work. We have back up receptionists trained on your business and prepared to step in, so you'll always have someone staffing the desk.

  • Seamless visitor management

    SwellForce provides simple integration with your visitor management systems, so you always have full control and insight into your visitors.

What your receptionist can do

Our futuristic virtual receptionist services are incredibly efficient. Your SwellForce receptionist takes care of key welcoming duties, while you focus on preparing for your meeting and other tasks. They are ready to:

  • Greet your guests

    Your receptionist will provide the visitor with a wonderful welcoming experience – and one that is so unique compared to every other regular office.

  • Communicate arrival

    With communication channels set up, such as Slack or email, your receptionist lets you know when someone arrives. Then, you let them know if you're on time or if running late and your receptionist can swiftly report back to the guest.

  • Provide information

    Before their appointment, the receptionist can prep the guest on any necessary information or documents. This could include informing them on how to validate a parking ticket or what paperwork to prepare.

  • Do data entry

    If certain information needs to be gathered upon arrival, your receptionist will ask the list of questions and promptly gather and fill out the information for your database.

  • 2012

    Year SwellForce was founded

  • 27800

    Visitors welcomed in the last year

  • 11380

    Meetings hosted in the last year

  • Countless


Setting up virtual receptionist services is simple. After we get to know more about you and your company's needs, we match you with the ideal receptionist and take care of the training and setup.

  • A tablet is installed on a stand or table in your office.

  • When a visitor enters, one click connects them to your live receptionist.

  • Logged in remotely, the receptionist can communicate with guests and direct them to the correct place.

  • The receptionist will contact the right person in the organization via Slack or text message, notifying the team member that their visitor has arrived.

  • After chatting with your guest, your receptionist ensures they enter the meeting with a smile.

What your life could look like with SwellForce

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