The SwellForce story

SwellForce was launched in 2012 to create two much-needed solutions.

First, we built a company to help businesses scale faster. We saw companies drowning in tasks and knew we could help. SwellForce was founded to serve as a true partner in helping brands achieve their goals and dreams. It’s why the first priority for everything we do is to provide the best remote, managed services that allow businesses to scale or, as we say, to swell.

At the same time, we knew we had the power to bring more opportunities to veterans. The SwellForce founder, a veteran himself, knew those with military training had a rigorous work ethic that would serve businesses well. He realized companies needed this type of person with the ability to adapt quickly, learn fast and work efficiently. However, there was no connection between the two parties.

SwellForce brings both of these solutions into reality.

Our mission is to help companies grow, while giving veterans exciting opportunities with great brands. By utilizing SwellForce virtual talent, which is comprised of at least 50% veterans, we allow our heroes to work in rewarding, remote jobs and save the day for growth companies, leading VCs and other industry leaders.

High expectations, met

You work hard and when it comes to performance, you have high expectations for yourself and others. Our goal is to exceed those expectations. Here’s what you can expect working with SwellForce…

  • U.S. based employees

    Our talent is sourced locally, are native English speakers and in your time zone, making communication a breeze.

  • Highly qualified talent

    Forget the plies of paperwork and cost. We go through a rigorous hiring and training process so you don’t have to.

  • Flexible growth solutions

    Start out with as little as 10 hours a week for one position and increase it as your business grows and needs change.

  • We speak your brand

    Our talent takes the time to understand your business, adopt your processes and represent your brand seamlessly.

  • Tech-obsessed

    We are constantly innovating and utilizing technology to ensure working with our virtual team is incredibly easy.

  • Easy management

    Our talent services are completely managed, so your time is spent on high-value tasks.

Finally, not another staffing agency

The average staffing agency or remote employment company matches businesses with talent and then steps back. That’s not us. SwellForce is a top notch service that ensures the delegating process is easy and stress-free, from start to – every single day moving forward.

Let’s compare.

SwellForce vs. standard VA or outsourced sales company

Standard VA Company Outsourced Sales Company
Dedicated virtual assistant, SDR or receptionist
Dedicated client success manager to ensure satisfaction
Back up staff, trained on your business
Fully managed talent as a service
Real world experience
Scalable, adjust as you need
Top notch, in-house training
Highest level of technology, making communication seamless
Cause-centric, supporting veterans with new opportunities
Accountable, assumes responsibility to make things right
Tracked performance, reports that update you with metrics

Higher quality of life, delivered

Talk to us.

Talk to us about your needs and we’ll create a talent solution that can keep up with the pace of your business.

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